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The sweaters are a single crocheted piece that wraps around itself and fastens with Velcro.  They are made of soft yarn to ensure they are washable and gentle on a kitten's skin.  Each size also comes with holes around the neck.  This is so a whelping collar can be strung through and keep the kitten secure in the sweater.  You may choose to not use a collar, and that will not affect the functionality.  You can wrap a piece of cellophane or paper around the collar to thread it through the holes more easily, then remove it. 

The Millie (3-10 ounce kittens) - Our smallest sweater for newborn kittens.  This sweater was created to fit newborn kittens up to about 1 week.  This model only has one row of Velcro because it is so tiny, but it still has a decent amount of adjustment to accommodate different sizes of newborns.  This size is intended to be used on babies who are being suckled on as well as helping to maintain body temperature.

The Mazie (10-18 ounce kittens) - This sweater was created to fit kittens who weigh approximately 10-16 ounces. This is typically about a 10 day to 3 week old kitten.

The Daniel (18-26 ounce kittens) - This sweater is intended to help kittens who are 16-24 ounces (Typically around 3-6 weeks old)


The Sunny (26-32 ounce kittens) - This sweater was created to cover incisions post spay and neuter to avoid wearing the dreaded "cone of shame".  The size 2 sweaters have 2 options: One that looks just like the smaller sweaters, and one that does not have a flap covering the rear.  The one with the flap would be for male kittens to keep that area covered.  This will require the human to take him out of the sweater from time to time and be shown his litter box.  The one without the flap will be ideal for female kittens as it will cover their belly, but allow for them to use the litterbox at will.

We do not "sell" the patterns or the sweaters.  We simply want to help the kittens and assist other fosters and rescues in saving tiny lives.  We do ask for a small donation to cover shipping costs. This is added to your order upon checkout.  If you are unable to afford this donation, please contact us and let us know.  We use funds from our donations to help in these special instances.  If you live outside the USA, we will be happy to ship to you, but we will ask for the shipping cost via USPS to be paid in advance.  Just contact us and we can let you know what that fee will be based on your mailing address.  If you would like to donate back to help buy more supplies, we suggest a donation of $1 per sweater.

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